Important Things You Should Know When Using A Vape Pen


Vape pens have become quite popular over the years. People use them for smoking cannabis. The market currently features a wide range of vape pens, including white vape pens. While these products are quite popular, there are still a few questions about using a vape pen. Therefore, this post offers a few tips for how to use a vape pen.

Tips for using a vape pen

The following are some useful tips for using a vape pen. Note that these tips will come in handy regardless of the type of vape pen you are working with.

1. Start by understanding the components of the vape pen

An important part of understanding how a vape pen works is to know its components and how they work. It is worth mentioning that the components of a vape pen may differ depending on the type and brand. Regardless, the following are the basic components that you will find in all types of vape pens;

  • Battery; this is the component used to power the vape pen. It makes up most of the pen as it is the largest component of the product
  • Atomizer; this is the part where the concentrated e-juice or oil is heated. It is also known as the heating chamber, and it is usually connected to the battery
  • Mouthpiece- this is the component from where you draw the vapor. It is also usually attached to the heating chamber where the vapor is produced.
  • Cartridge; this is the part where the e-juice is filled. It is usually either 0.5 or 1 gram large.
  • Charger; this component is used to charge the battery. It is usually separate from the pen and comes in the form of a micro USB.

2. Try accessorizing the vape pen

Another useful tip for using a vape pen is accessorizing. Note that some accessories are mandatory when using this product. An example of a mandatory accessory is an airtight container. The role of the container is to help protect the vape pen. Note that these products are usually quite fragile. This is especially the case if they feature pre-filled cartridges as they are bound to break.

The fact that the pens are portable also does not help the case. Another mandatory accessory is the dabber. This is a small metal spoon that you need for scooping the wax and placing it in the atomizer. Remember that the types of accessories you will need usually depend on the vape pen you own.

3. Understand how and when you need to fill the cartridge

Depending on the type of vape pen you are dealing with, you may need a dabber or syringe. Regardless, filling the chamber is mandatory as it is the only way you can produce the vapor. You can learn how to fill the chamber by reading the instructions on your vape pen’s manual. You can also ask for help from your manufacturer’s customer service.


Note that most vape pens usually come with a few buttons. For instance, there is a button for activating the heating chamber to start heating the distillate and producing vapor for smoking. This means that you must also learn how to use the various buttons. It is worth mentioning that most vape pens only have one or two buttons, which are usually carefully labeled. Therefore, you need not worry about getting confused.


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