Importance of Reading Retractable Wall-Mounted Garden Hose Reel Manual


Most people do not bother with reading the product’s manual after purchase. A product manual is placed in the product kit for a purpose. Companies take a considerate amount of time to draft a user manual for your benefit carefully. A retractable wall-mounted pipe reel is an example of such a product. Before you proceed with its installation, it is advisable to go through the Owner’s manual. There are several benefits to reading the Owner’s manual of a retractable wall-mounted garden hose reel before installation. This post will educate you on the importance of reading the Owner’s manual of a retractable wall-mounted garden hose reel.

What is Owner’s manual?

An Owner’s manual is a booklet with instructions written by the product’s supplier. It is also known as a user guide.

Importance of reading retractable hose reel manual

1. Installation process

One benefit of reading the instruction manual for a retractable wall-mounted garden hose reel is that it lists precise instructions for the installation process. Even though installing a hose reel is an easy process, it is better to ensure that you do not miss any step by carefully going through the guide.

2. Safety instructions

Another benefit of reading a garden hose reel’s user guide is that it carefully lists all safety instructions you will need. Mishandling the hose reel can result in its damage. For example, there are safety instructions that warn against leaving the faucet turned on. Leaving the tap turned on will make the hose be on avoidable pressure. The safety instructions provide you with guides on taking good care of your retractable hose reel.

3. Warranty

The user guide provides you with information on the retractable wall-mounted garden hose reel warranty. Warranty information involves; warranty period, what the warranty covers and what it does not, and it also includes the consumer’s legal rights. Therefore it will be very beneficial to you to read it all.

4. List of parts

The instruction manual of a hose reel consists of the lists of its parts. If you are confused and do not know what it is, then it is better to read the guide as it will give you information using a diagram of the components.

5. Contact details

If you have any questions about the hose reel and you need to find the company’s contact details. You can go to the user guide and find all the information about their contacts. The contact will give you the company’s website, email, and social media sites. Another importance of the contact details is that you can call the company if your product is defective.

6. Assembly instructions

The user guide is beneficial because it will provide information on how to assemble the product that comes in parts.


It is better to be safe than sorry. A retractable wall-mounted hose reel is not a complicated product. It is straightforward to install and use. But, it is essential to read the Owner’s manual to understand all the aspects of the product you purchased. Also, some instructions, such as the safety instructions, help you maintain your hose reel better, therefore, saving you additional maintenance costs in the long run. When you receive your retractable wall-mounted hose reel, it is advisable to read the user’s guide carefully.


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