A deep dive into how retractable cord reels work


The aesthetics of a home or office plays a vital role in our mental health. When things look in place, we can enjoy our private spaces more, either for relaxation or productivity purposes. One thing that often ruins a neat and organized outlook for our home and offices is electronic devices. They ruin it not in their functionality but in how they are required to be powered – the power cable. There is just something so discomforting in the appearance of wires twisted one into the other. The solution Is retractable cord reels, and this article is an explainer that will help you discover how they work.

The workings of a retractable cord reel

Have you bought a retractable cord reel and wondered how that fantastic piece of tech works? You are in luck because you are reading the right article. There are three essential parts to a cord reel that make it all work. The circular part you see houses the reel drum, which houses the expanse of cable drawn in and out when you need it.

Every part of a retractable cord is essential, but the most, arguably, important part is the cord itself. It sits in the small storage provided by the device. The cord is fixed on a set of rotatable wheels, which have been carefully engineered to hold the entire length of the cord. The wheels are bi-directional in design, which means that they can be wheeled in both directions. Picture a clock and how you can make its hands go forward or backward; that is the working principle of the rotatable wheels. The cord has a limit to which it can be pulled out of its housing. Even when it is completely pulled out, some wire is left inside, but you will feel a tension on the cord preventing you from pulling it all out. It would be best if you didn’t forcefully pull it out either because the rest of the cable inside acts as an anchor to retract the cord. If you’ve ever come in contact with a fishing wheel, you will get a clearer understanding of how this works.

Where are retractable cords used?

Retractable cords are used in different spaces, including offices, homes, home offices, etc. They are used anywhere you have electronic devices that plug into a wall socket or any other electrical outlet. They are safety devices that can help prevent cords from being damaged out of over-extending them. Retractable cords enforce safety in this light because overextended cables can start to weaken, and the rubber covering can begin to peel off, exposing live electricity.


Retractable cords are one of the simplest yet effective electrical devices. Their strong appeal comes from their ability to enforce a particular aesthetic outlook and safety too. No good comes from having several wires lying around loosely; you can trip over them or bring down expensive equipment unknowingly. Retractable cords will only increase in popularity, so it would be best if you hopped on the train and gave your home or office a new appearance with one.


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