Which one should I buy an electric or a gas pool heater


What better way to relax while at home than to be in your pool? If you want to have a lasting experience, a pool heat pump could be what you should think about. Making your pool water warmer lets you dive earlier in the water regardless of the weather and stay a little longer. However, it would be best if you chose whether you would go electric or gas. Here are some considerations to help you make the right decision before choosing your Aquark pool heater pump.

Gassing up

You have the option of installing a gas pool heater if your home has a natural gas connection. However, not having the have natural gas pipped should not be an issue because you can use propane. You would need to get a big propane tank to power up your gas pool heater, although it will come with an additional cost of digging the gas to the ground.

Going electric

Some homeowners prefer going the electric way. The electric pool heat pump remains energy efficient as long as the exterior temperature remains above 7.2 degrees Celcius. The heat pumps may cost slightly higher than the gas pool heaters. Although, they have a lower running cost.


Gas heaters naturally have a more significant environmental impact than electric pool heaters. However, electric pool heaters might take a little longer to heat your pool to the required temperature. Also, the electric units are less efficient in colder temperatures.

Although solar covers may improve efficiency by trapping the heat in the pool, making the process faster. Both gas and electric pool heaters require specialized and certified technicians to safely and properly install them.


Pay attention to your pool usage when you weigh the cost you will have to cater for when you get an electric or gas pool heat pump. The time of usage will also be important in your decision. A gas heater takes a shorter time to heat water, so you only need to run it when you take a dip. In contrast, you should leave electric pool heaters to run 24/7. However, a gas pool heater would be a better option for you if you use your pool occasionally.

Which is the most efficient pool heat pump?

The most energy-efficient pool heating method is by electricity because every kilowatt produces approximately 16 kilowatts of heat depending on the type of electric pool heater you are using. Efficiency is the quantity input against the output.

Which is the most cost-effective way to heat a pool?

The most cost-effective way to warm your pool is through solar heating. The whole water heating process is free and only involves money channeling the water through the solar panels. The primary disadvantage of solar heating is that it barely meets heating requirements for a whole season.

Whether you want to go efficient or cost-effective, your budget should be one of your most critical factors when choosing between gas and electric pool heaters. Going electric would allow you to keep your pool temperature in your preferred way regardless of the time of the year.


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