Two Different Steak Knife Types You Should Buy


Did you know that the knives you use to cut your steak with are not all the same? If you didn’t, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn all about the different steak knife types and what each of their function is.

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What’s a Steak Knife?

Although a steak knife has many uses, its primary purpose is to cut steak. Cutting any sort of steak, whether chicken or beef, grilled or fried, is simple with its sharp blade and wooden handle.

As you may know, each knife has a unique usage; substituting the wrong knife can simply give you issues while cutting. This may also result in unintentional injury. Hence, it is crucial that you use the right knife for the task at hand. This includes using a steak knife to cut finer pieces of meat.

What Are The Different Steak Knife Types?

Different materials can be used to manufacture steak knives, like steel, etc. But, the main thing that differentiates one steak knife from another is the type of blade it has.

The type of steak knife you use has an impact on how you cut your meat. So, knowing their differences is the first step if you’re thinking about purchasing one for yourself. There isn’t the best option for steak knife types, as it all depends on your preferences and interests. Steak knives are classified into three categories based on their blade, as described below.

A Straight Blade Steak Knife (Non-Serrated)

A straight blade knife has a straight edge that’s used to cut the steak. It doesn’t have any ridges or depressions on the blade. The blade is smooth and straight that’s used for cutting the food smoothly. They’re preferred over the serrated ones when you want to cleaner cut into your steak.

However, sharpening these types of knives is a real deal-breaker. Although all kinds of knives require sharpening after some time, the straight blade steak knives need to be sharpened more frequently. Learning how to sharpen your knife will come in handy when it comes to using these knives.

A Serrated Blade Steak Knife

This is the sort of knife that you are most likely to come across while looking for a steak knife. Because of the tiny ridges on its front edge make this knife the “typical” steak knife. The serrations help in cutting down the fibers present in tough meat.

These knives need less maintenance because you only need to sharpen them once before using them for a few months. Honing them, however, is more complicated than sharpening a straight blade knife.

Now that you understand the fundamental differences between the two steak knife types listed above, selecting the knife that best matches your needs should be a breeze, so go out and get yourself one!


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