How to Best Protect Your Natural on Human Hair Wigs


Just because you might be a fan of human hair wigs does not mean that you natural hair will be of less value. It is best if you take care of the growth of hair while wearing or using human hair wigs. There are several ways you can keep your hair healthy and stylish even after using wigs and any other type of lacer wigs. Read this article to get the best tips on how to maintain healthy hair even while using the lacer wigs.

Hair Extensions Preps

Installation of human hair wigs can be quite very challenging if proper aeration is not done. It is advisable that you should ensure that your hair has enough moisture and is well hydrated. There are different types of shampoos that you can use to clean your hair at any given time. Using disinfectants like shampoo ensures that you hair doesn’t have any remains of dirty or dandruffs in this case. You might consider doing a deep conditioning exercise for your hair to promote more moisture. A moisturized hair is healthy hair.

Regular Scalp Cleaning

When wearing weaves your hair will tend to be ungentle because of limited moisture and air circulation on your sculpture. To ensure that your hair is always gentle it is best if you clean your hair regularly using an appropriate shampoo or any other recommended product. Massaging your scalp using massage shampoo will enable your scalp to stay clean and free from any kind of germs. It is important to ensure that your wig endures minimal matting and tangling. If your wig is not tangled then it means the human hair wig will remain straight no matter what.

Scalp Oiling and Spritzing

Nourishing your hair and scalp is very vital at all times while you have your wig on. Oiling your scalp prevents your hair from drying up and becoming more itchy and flaky. You should use your fingers to massage your scalp in light. To ensure that your hair is constantly hydrated it is best if you use products that are water-based. This kind of practice ensures that your hair doesn’t become damp under your wig. You can use different hair conditioners to ensure that your scalp is clean and well maintained. It is best to visit a professional in case you cannot afford to do these things at home.

Wig Sizes

It is not advisable to wear tight wigs. Tight wigs tend to put more pressure on your hair promoting poor growth and health of your hair. If you put hair under high pressure for a long time it will be prone to follicle damage making it disappear over time. Damage of the hair follicles due to pressure from tight wigs is rarely repairable. You should only wear tight wigs f you are sure you have short hair and you don’t intend to keep it long. On the other hand you should have a wig for very long periods. It is best that you get your wig off at the appropriate time or after considerably short periods. It is best to remain protective over your hair as it gives shape and the best image of who you are.


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