A Guide to Understanding Garden Hose Fittings


There are a lot of hoses designed for different reasons. Many different accessories are assigned to a hose. Equipment for watering gardens also has accessories assigned to them.

Maybe assigned is not the right term for that expression. These accessories have been designed for these hoses just as many other useful tools. Visit website for more information about hoses and hose reels. You will find it really useful.

Just like many other devices have designed and well-specified fittings or other accessories that are important for the device to function properly and carry out its required duty.

The article discusses the particular fittings that can be used with hoses in general. This article will explain the benefits and drawbacks of some of the garden hose fittings.

One of the most important roles that these fittings play is the preservation of water. Thus, choosing the right one for every situation is really important.

Garden Hose Fittings

The garden hose fittings are made of different materials and are also produced by many manufacturing companies around the world.

Nylon And Polymer Hose Fittings

This type of fitting is considered a little more expensive than plastic fitting. It is also more durable than the plastic fitting.

Due to the material used for production, it is considered by many as a better and healthier choice for everyday home use.

These fittings are usually custom-made and lightweight. They usually fit perfectly, are not too expensive, and are designed to last.

Plastic Hose Fittings

These are not so expensive fittings designed to swerve for a considerably workable period. They are a bit heavy and are built to hold high pressure. it has proven to be a good solution for everyday home use.

the plastic fittings can be sued to replace faulty brass fittings since they can do the same work conveniently.

The plastic fittings ha not been very welcome in many homes since it was discovered to release toxins into the water mostly if the plastic-type is unknown.

Hose Fittings Made From Brass

The hose fittings (Brass) remain popular in the world of garden hose fittings. This is because these solid brass hose fittings are made to serve for a long period.

The brass garden hose fittings are bulkier. This is down to what they are made of. One of the heaviest materials around is solid brass. Because they are bigger and bulky, they often do not come cheap.

When you become familiar with these fittings, you’ll come to realize that these fittings come in a male or a female adapter.

This fitting is not the best fit for hoses that expand. Instead, you should use them when you are dealing with rubber hoses.


Learning about the types of garden hose fittings increases your knowledge, helps you make a better decision when the time comes, and understand what type you need for your home.

Once you know more about garden hose fittings, you should be able to find the right hose for your garden and home.

The process will be seamless. So, take the first step today.


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